St Michael & Priory, Ewenny

Ewenny Priory is the most complete and impressive Norman church in South Wales and one of the finest examples of a fortified church building in Europe. It was completed by 1126; in 1141 it became a Priory of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter, Gloucester. The nave of the Priory, with its rounded arches and thick pillars, is in use as the parish church. The Pulpitum Screen, dividing the two parts of the church, is the work of Alexander Beleschenko, and was installed in July 2006. The eastern or monastic end contains the tombs of the de Londres family, a medieval altar and a reproduction of the watercolour of the Priory painted by J.P.W. Turner in 1795. Much of the Priory’s outer defensive walls and towers remain. Not only did they protect the Priory, but played a part in the Norman subjection of South Wales.