St Maria Assunta - Venice

The Curch and all the adjacent buildings was sold by the Company to the city of Venice for the sum of 50.000 ducati, the building was too small to host all the company members, it was then demolished and rebuilt in 1715. the building was financed by Manin family and dedicate to Mary and the assumption. The Project is by Domenico Rossi, and it follows well defined schemes (as requested by the Gesuitis) dictated by the Trento council. The façade is divided in two order, the first is divided in 8 columns each one support a statue, there are statues also in the niches between the columns, the statue all together represent the 12 apostles Also presents the representation of of the Saints Giacomo Maggiore, Peter, Paul and Mattew the Evangelist, the drum of the façade is overhang by a magnificent opera by Giuseppe Torretti, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The bell tower remains the original one of the previous church (called Crociferi) the bell cell is from 700. The project map shows a Latin cross, typical of the Jesuit churches, three chapels along the longer side of the cross and 6 more along the central nave (those are separated by small niches probably dedicated to confessions. Between the chapels there is a magnificent opera by Francesco Bonazza a pulpit of inestimable beauty. The ceiling is totally completely frescoed and the operas are by Ludovico Dorigni and Francesco Fontebasso, the presbytery is decorated with statue by Torretti.,_Venice