St John the Baptist, Yarkhill

Arnketil, the of Earl Harold, held Yarkhill before the Conquest, and in 1086 it was held by Roger de Lacy. It contained two hides of ploughland and there was a mill. No church or priest was recorded at that time.  The doorway is only slightly pointed and was reset when the nave walls were rebuilt in 1862. The arch voussoirs are all heavily re-cut or replaced.  The church possesses three fonts: a 12thc. one with a scalloped bowl; a 13thc. one, and a 17thc. one with a fluted bowl. It also contains two small mortars of uncertain date, probably post-Medieval.    2008 saw the completion of the tower repairs. The guttering round the roof was dug out to remove growth. Stone work was replaced or repaired as were the ladders and parts of the flooring inside the tower.