Mortuary Chapel,  Arbroath

This building dominates the cemetery in which it stands. Designed by Patrick Allan Fraser as a family tomb, construction began in 1875 and took some nine years to complete. The most striking feature of the building is the lack of convention with regards to architectural style, with each facade treated in an eclectic manner differing from the last which affords the building a real vibrancy, enhanced by the use of local red sandstone, with the various towers and turrets creating an interesting skyline. One cannot fail to be captivated by the beauty of the carvings which adorn the building, the interior of the Chapel being no less impressive. An example of the sheer quality and outstanding workmanship carried out by local craftsmen can be seen in the detail of Christ standing in a richly decorated niche. The frieze on the canopy above depicts a traditional Scottish funeral procession with pall bearers carrying a coffin followed by the mourners. Each of these figures have been afforded the same attention to detail as the sculpture of Christ himself. Recurrent naturalistic motifs, particularly those of animals and foliage are to be found both externally and inside the Chapel.